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What Comes With Our Venue

best of the best



Professional and Beautiful

Palazio event venue offers a beautiful experience for all your guests. Our venue has an open and spacious parking lot for all guests, clean and modern public restrooms for men and women, as well as a large ballroom to fit all guests comfortably.

Event Party

Exceeding Expectations

Your quince or bridal party deserves the best of the best. For your party we have an open parking lot, exterior patio area for cocktails, ceremonies and a private room with private restroom to leave personal belongings and to hang out as well as an extra up stairs room to await the party introduction.


An Exquisite Experience

All vendors will have an easy experience setting up and tearing down for your event. We have plenty of open space in our ballroom for a Photo Booth and cake to set up. We include a kitchen and bar area for plenty of drinks and food to be prepared and served to your guests. As well as a large stage with backstage access for your music vendors to set up and tear down all behind the scenes.

2024 Palazio Tour

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